Matthews Bouldering Comp – Member Appreciation Week 2023


Only at Matthews for Member Appreciation, we will be hosting a competition for the whole week, July 31-August 4!

General Info:
-Open gym bouldering comp concept where every climb in the new set is available for points, and you have Monday-Friday to do the entire set.
-The comp is a week-long. For the week after the QCBB/member appreciation week
-Competitors do not have to sign up, you just need a score card which will be provided upon being shown interest to our Front Counter staff

All grades from the old set will be in the 1000s
Beginner – 1000 series
Intermediate – 2000 series
Advanced – 3000 series
-Grades from the new set will count for points under 10 (example: 1010, 1009, 1008, 1007 1006)
Climbs in the new set will count in the hundreds (example: 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500)
-There will be about five new climbs for each skill level (2 or so climbs from the old set)
-Each climber is to work their way through all grades within their skill level and below
Example: Beginners have to climb all the beginners only, while Intermediate has to climb all the way through Beginner into Intermediate, while Advanced has to climb all the way through Intermediate into Advanced.

-Competitors from each grade can win a free month’s membership or get the option to add a new member for no join fee.

-The Competition starts once the setters finish Monday’s set
-Competitors will have the entire week to finish all the climbs
-Once your level is picked, you cannot change.
-Scorecard must be signed by someone who watched the send (just like for QCBB)
-Signed on the corresponding day of the week and climb

How To Participate:
-Let the front counter know you would like to participate and at what level
-Do as many climbs as you get during Member Appreciation Week and collect signatures
-As you leave for the day, give your card back to our Front Counter staff.
-At the end of the week, the highest scorers will receive a free month’s membership.

In the event of a tie (more than one person climbs all the climbs labeled for the comp) they will both be put in a drawing against one another, and the person drawn wins the free month.