Team Inner Peaks

** NEW Team Members will be invited to join at the first of the month**

What is Team Inner Peaks?

Team Inner Peaks is an opportunity for Members ages 7-18 to join a friendly community and learn how to rock climb in a structured environment both recreationally and competitively.

Our teams operate year-round and are designed to be coached for overall team and athlete’s individual goals. Our various teams welcome climbers of all levels – from casual first-time climbers to elite competitive athletes. The Inner Peaks Youth Teams offer climbers an engaging and consistent way to develop team spirit, emotion regulation, mental and physical strength, work ethic, body mechanics, and self-esteem by overcoming challenges and fears with the support of their teammates and coaches.

Our youth programming includes everything from basic risk management to advanced competition climbing, which has enabled Team Inner Peaks to be USA Climbing Regional, Divisional, and National champions in bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing, as well as champions at the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup and Paraclimbing World Cup. All of our coaches hold First Aid, CPR, and USA Safe Sport Certifications. All of our competition team coaches also hold USA Climbing Level 2 Coach Certifications and some have USA Climbing Route Setting Certifications.

Joining Team Inner Peaks

Interested Team Inner Peaks participants who would like to climb recreationally or do not have prior competitive climbing experience will begin on our Beginner Team. Prior to making the decision to join, a team trial must be scheduled, approval from coaches must be given and an Inner Peaks Membership must be active. Interested participants are encouraged to schedule a Team Trial at least one week in advance.

Steps for Getting Started:

1. Schedule a Team Trial

*Team Trials are currently unavailable at our South End location due to Teams being at max capacity.*

2. Once your climber has completed a Team Trial, please submit this Team Trial Follow-up Form to inquire about roster space availability for the team that your climber attended! Upon reviewing your form with the coach’s recommendations, we will contact you as soon as possible to assign your climber to a Team roster.

Reminder that all Team participants must have an active Inner Peaks Membership to our facilities. 

*Please understand that space is limited. Attending a Team Trial does not guarantee a roster space.*

3. Once your climber has been assigned to a team roster, monthly Team dues will be assigned to your climber’s account and all parents will receive the Team Inner Peaks Parent Welcome Letter that will provide details about: 

  • Specific Team information
  • Teams advancement
  • Structured practices
  • Teams dues and monthly Membership requirements
  • Practice cancellations
  • Team rules and requirements
  • Gear requirements
  • Attendance requirements
  • USA Climbing and local competition climbing information.


Beginner Team

Beginner Team is our introductory team designed to teach each child the climbing skills they’ll need to be successful and advance in our climbing Team program.

Practices are designed to instill good climbing habits while teaching new climbers about climbing movement on the wall. Coaches use games, climbing drills, and positive reinforcement to facilitate learning. Emphasis is to prepare climbers to move up in the program and begin competition climbing.

Prerequisites and Team Requirements: Tryout- Must complete Team Trial first. All climbers must have their own chalk bag.

Price: $62/month + monthly Membership to IP is required

Beginner Team Practice Times: (Must choose reoccurring practice times. Team members may not attend practice outside of their chosen practice time):

Beginner Team practice meets once a week for 1.5 hours, and like any sports team each climber must be able to follow instructions during practice to ensure safety.

  • South End: Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm
  • Matthews: Wednesdays 5pm-6:30pm | Thursdays 5pm-6:30pm | Saturdays 9am-10:30am & 10:30am-12pm

Beginner+ Team

Beginner+ Team is our introductory team offered for newer climbers who are 10+ years old.  This team is similar to Beginner Team with the intention introducing the sport of rock climbing but has more of a focus on peer connection! This team also practices 1x per week for 1.5 hours.

Prerequisites and Team Requirements: Tryout- Must complete Team Trial first. All climbers must have their own chalk bag.

Price:$62/month + monthly Membership to IP is required

Intermediate Team

Intermediate Team is for climbers interested in competing at a local level while progressing their fundamental understanding of climbing techniques. Each climber must know how to belay with an ATC and must be recommended by coaches before joining Intermediate Team. Practice is once a week for 2 hours.

Practices are more structured than Beginner/Beginner+ and include strength training and advanced technique drills.

Climbers are encouraged to participate in local climbing competitions.

Prerequisites: Invite Only. Climbers must have their own shoes + harness.

Price: $72/month + a monthly Membership to IP is required.

Advanced team

Advanced Team is for advanced climbers interested in competing and striving to accomplish their climbing goals outside of practice. All Advanced Team Members will have the opportunity to gain valuable competition experience with training to equip prospective climbers who are interested in moving to Elite Team. Advanced Team practice meets twice a week for 2.5 hours.

Practice is designed to prepare climbers for the current competition season.

Participants are required to compete.

Prerequisites: Invite Only. Climbers must have their own climbing gear.

Price: $130/month + a monthly Membership to IP is required.

Elite Team

Elite Team is our invitation only competitive climbing team. Structured practices up to three times a week (age dependent).

*Consistent attendance required.*

Membership in USA Climbing is required, and all Elite Team members are required to attend at least two sanctioned local events per season.

Scheduled practice time is dependent on youth age category.

Prerequisites: Elite Team Climbers must have a USA Climbing Membership.

Cost: $150/month + monthly Membership to IP is required


As a team member, you are eligible for special team member only events!

Bring a Friend to Team: All team members are encouraged to bring a friend to a practice ONLY during the announced “Bring a Friend!” Team practices. These are typically held bi-annually, and parents will be notified ahead of time!

Top Rope and Lead Climbing Proficiency: All Team Members will have the opportunity to obtain their Top Rope and Lead (age-dependent) proficiencies!

In-House Team Competitions: Team Inner Peaks members will be encouraged to participate in fun in-house competitions with fellow Team Members! The climbing routes set for these competitions will be designed for youth climbers, and these competitions will likely be held during practice times!

Pro Shop Discounts: All Members are eligible for 10% off all climbing gear and discounts on other retail items.

FREE Gear Rental: All Team Members will have access to FREE gear rental, including harnesses, shoes, belay devices, and ropes!

Team Highlights from 2022 Nationals:

For the 2022 USA Climbing Nationals, Team Inner Peaks was represented by seven of our climbers who qualified for Lead/Top Rope, four who qualified for Bouldering, and two who qualified for Speed.

Are you interested in competitive climbing? Here is some helpful information: Interested in Competitive Climbing