FROST FRENZY Boulder League



Event: ​Frost Frenzy Boulder League 2024​



Date of Event: ​January 22nd – February 16th​

Overview: ​​Frost Frenzy Boulder League will take form as 4 weeks of friendly competition at each location. Participants will climb the new boulder sets each week with a team! Teams of 3 will compete over the 4 weeks trying to climb as many boulders in their category in as few attempts as possible.​ The league will be kicking off on Monday nights at SE and Tuesdays at MT at 5pm (when the new set opens).⁠​

Participants will sign up for a division that matches their red point grade. Different divisions can be on the same team.


1st Place: 1 month free membership and 20% off one retail item

2nd Place: 1 month free membership

3rd Place: 20% off one retail item

Cost to participate: ​​25$ per person​ 

Register online (registration links at the top of page) or at the front counter* 

Event Schedule:

Week 1: Jan. 22nd-28th

Week 2: Jan. 29th-Feb 4th

Week 3: Feb 5th-Feb 11th

Week 4 Feb 12th-19th​

League Starts each week on Mondays at SE and Tuesdays at MT



Each week every division will have a mitten climb. Mittens will be hung up next to the start and must be used to count the send.


Select a Division based on your red-point grade that is in bold from the table below.     

Division   3   5   8  12   16  
I         V0           V1           V2          V3           V4  
II          V1           V2           V3          V4           V5  
III          V2           V3           V4          V5           V6  
IV          V3           V4           V5          V6           V7  
V          V4           V5           V6          V7           V8  
VI         V5           V6           V7          V8           V9