Monday night yoga classes, beginning March 3rd


Join us for a new yoga class on Monday nights from 6:30-7:45 beginning March 3rd with Sybil Nance. Yoga is free for members and included with a day pass.

Steady and Strong Flow Yoga
This class will challenge you and bring you to a place of awareness so the body can unwind and re-pattern itself in the aspects of flexibility and strength needed to bring about a calm, engaged, focused self ready to tackle the life you want to live!
About Sybil:
Sybil Nance is a recent Charlotte transplant from Oregon and has been teaching in the yoga industry for almost 20 years. She has lead teacher trainings world wide and owned her own Yoga Studio in Hood River, Oregon.

Originally trained in Vinyasa Flow Style of Yoga  Sybil continues to challenge her students and herself to look at Yoga and the Yoga asana as powerful tools to improve function in the body. Simply put, when the bones line up better, the body feels better and the energy can flow more efficiently. What does this mean to you? You will have improved Range of Motion in the joints and you will become smoother, stronger and more efficient in all of your movement, including your climbing movement. So join Sybil Nance on Mondays at 6:30.