March Membership Retail Special!


March is just around the corner, and we’re feeling pretty lucky at Inner Peaks! We want to share the luck this month with a Members Only March Special.

When you take one of our classes:

  • Intro to Top Rope Climbing
  • Intro to Lead Climbing
  • Intro to Bouldering

You’ll receive 20% off of a retail purchase that same day! This discount will only be eligible to be redeemed following the class taken!

Exclusions Apply. The following items are NOT eligible for a 20% discount:

❌ Gri-gris

❌ Crash Pads

❌ Shoes

*To receive this discount, participants MUST be Members when they register for the class.

*This 20% discount is only eligible for participants on the same day following their class.

*If Members have already taken a class, they cannot re-take it for an additional discount.

*Retail purchases must be made at the location where the class is taken.