Get ready for spring! Expanded selection in the gear shop.


Inner Peaks officially has the best selection of climbing gear in the Charlotte are and maybe beyond!
We have nuts, cams, draws and a huge selection of Helium binerscarabiners for many different climbing applications. Black Diamond is here. Camp is here. Petzl in the house. Sterling AND Mammut ropes representing. Plus Trango, DMM and Wild Country brands, all for your climbing pleasure.
We also have seven, count them SEVEN different harnesses models to be certain you find one that is comfy and functional for the type of climbing you love best, and 10 styles of shoes from Sportiva, Evolv and Tenaya. Best of all is the service! Climbing gear is all we do and all we know.
Here is the expanded list.

Protection: Cams

1)      Black Diamond C3, C4 and X4 (coming summer 2013)

2)      Metolius Master Cams and TCU’s


Protection: Stoppers

1)      Black Diamond Nuts

2)      DMM Wallnuts

3)      Wild Country Wire Rocks


Protection: Hexes

1)      Black Diamond Hexcentrics (3 largest sizes)


Quick Draws:

1)      Petzl Spirit 3-D and Ange Finesse (10, 12 and 17cm)

2)      Black Diamond Livewire, Freewire and Hotwire (12cm)

3)      CAMP Photon Wire Express (11cm)


Belay Devices:

1)      Petzl Verso, Reverso 4, Universo and GriGri 2

2)      Black Diamond ATC and ATC Guide

3)      DMM Bug

4)      Metolius BRD



1)      Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner, Rocklock, Magnetron Rocklock, Gridlock, Neutrino and Positron

2)      Petzl Attache, Attache 3-D, William, OK, AM’D BL, AM’D TL and Freino

3)      CAMP Nano and Photon

4)      Metolius Element, Inferno and FS Mini’s



1)      Petzl Sama, Selena, Luna, Adjama and Hirundos

2)      Black Diamond Wiz Kid, Momentum AL and Primrose AL

3)      Misty Mountain Cirque and Finesse



1)      Evolv Shaman, Shaman LV, Geshido SC, Defy and Elektra

2)      La Sportiva Solution, Miura VS and Python

3)      Tenaya Tatanka and Ra



1)      Sterling Evolution Velocity 9.8mm x 60m and VR10 10.2mm x 60m

2)      Mammut Tusk 9.8m x 60m and Gravity 10.2mm x 60m