Discounts on Gear Packages


Inner Peaks has dramatically increased its gear offerings this year. Members have always received 10% off on ANYTHING they purchase form the gear shop but now there is a way for everyone to get 10% off and members can get up to a full 15% savings. Everyone gets 10% off when they purchase a climbing shoe/harness/belay device/carabiner package. Members receive a special 15% discount on the same package. The following are some examples of what you might choose, but feel free to customize or upgrade the package to suit you individual tastes:

Starter Package: (10% off for non-members/15% off for members)

1)      Black Diamond Momentum AL or Primrose AL-$44.95

2)      Evolv Defy or Elektra-$89.00

3)      Black Diamond ATC-$16.95

4)      Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner-$11.95

5)      Krieg Chalkbag-$19.95

Retail Р$182.80  Non Member Р$164.52 (save $18.28)  Member Р$155.38 (save $27.42)

Sport Package: (10% off for non-members/15% off for members)

1)      Petzl Sama or Selena-$64.95

2)      Evolv Shaman or Shaman LV-$150.00

3)      Gri Gri 2-$99.95

4)      Petzl AM’D BL or TL-$17.95

5)      Organic Chalkbag-$21.95

Retail Р$354.80  Non Member Р$319.32  (save $35.48) Member Р$301.58 (save $53.22)

Trad Package: (10% off for non-members/15% off for members)

1)      Misty Mountain Cirque or Finesse-$79.95

2)      Tenaya Tatanka-$150.00

3)      Black Diamond ATC-Guide-$29.95

4)      Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner-$11.95

5)      Organic Chalkbag-$21.95

Retail Р$3293.80  Non Member Р$264.42 (save $29.38)  Member Р$249.73 (save $44.07)

Ready to move up to outdoor top roping or trad leads? Get 10% off selected packages, 15% if you are a member.

Crowder’s Package: (10% off for non-members/15% off for members)

1)      (4) Black Diamond Rock Lock-$9.95 (x4)

2)      Sterling Super Static 2 9.5mm x 70’-$58.95

3)      Sterling Cordelette 7mm x 5.5m-$12.50

4)      Sterling Accessory Cord 5mm x 3.5’-$1.40

5)      (2) Black Diamond Nylon Runner 60cm-$4.95 (x2)

Retail Р$122.52  Non Member Р$110.29 (save $12.25)  Member Р$104.14 (save $18.38)

Trad Gear Discounts: (10% off for non-members/15% off for members)

1)      Any 5 cams

2)      Any full set of wires

Find a complete list of our climbing gear stock here.