Adult Climbing League


Long time climber working to push yourself to the next level? New to climbing and Inner Peaks and looking to meet new people to climb with and develop your climbing abilities? Love a friendly competition and cash prizes?

Join our Adult Climbing League!

The Adult Climbing League is a 6-week long, informal climbing competition at Inner Peaks designed to help you meet new people, improve your climbing skills, have fun, and win prizes, no matter your skill or experience level!

The league will be held on Monday nights at our Crown Point location from 6-9 pm, February 8- March 14, and on Tuesday nights at South End from 6-9 pm, February 9-March 15. *You may only compete at ONE LOCATION– these are separate leagues.* The cost is $15/person, which does NOT include gear rental or day passes for non-members or membership dues. *You must attend 5 out of the 6 weeks in order to be eligible to win a prize if your team wins.* You must be 14 or older to compete.

Teams are 4-person, so you can sign up with a team of friends or sign up individually and we can put a team together for you. Keep in mind if you have a spot open on your team, we may add an individual to your team to fill it.

Each person will determine their personal starting division based on the highest graded routes they can comfortably send (complete without falling) after one or two attempts, and will earn points each night of the league based on the three highest graded rope routes (top rope or lead) or boulder problems that they send. Team members’ individual scores will be averaged together for a team total and a weekly scoreboard will be posted in the gym and on our Facebook page. The two teams with the highest scores at the end of the 6 weeks will receive a cash prize redeemable at Inner Peaks!

Interested in joining? Register online through the links below or with our front counter staff.

ACL South End or ACL Crown Point

You may call in to the gym where you will be competing to advise the front counter staff of who will be on your team, but teams will also be finalized the first day of the league. Please be advised that noting your team with the front counter staff does NOT confirm your registration– you must enroll & pay online or in the gym in order to be confirmed. Sign up now through 6pm on the first day.

See you there!